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How Women Benefit From Labiaplasty?


When you are feeling any kind of discomfort when you try wearing some of your lacy underwear, a feeling that there is something wrong down below like it is being pulled most especially when your jeans are so much tight. That will be the time for you to ask your doctor about the labiaplasty surgery. Wearing yoga pants is a big no to you becoming so conscious in something bulgy in between your thighs. That may be a hidden condition of yours yet this may affect your self- esteem and your confidence most especially in times of intercourse.

Labiaplasty is simply a reduction of labia in simple words. Reasons may vary from every woman who would like to undergo such surgery. Like mentioned above, there are things that affect their personal lives same as yours. There are also factors why you are having this kind of loose skin on your labia that is causing you some discomfort, this may be a result of child birth and most natural cause is aging. This may seem normal yet, may affect your comfort every time you wear or do something that may have the direct contact from your labia.

Thousands of surgeries had been done and mostly, women are found to have this just with the purpose of aesthetics, having the perfect shape and appearance of their private parts that will gain back all the comfort and the confidence lost. Most patients are satisfied with the results and there are no known harm that is recorded to be caused by this surgery. This offers relief to the symptoms that you are feeling right now, that irritable and itchy feeling that may sometimes be caused by rashes on the labial area.


Through this, wave goodbye now for all that distracting factors that you  might feel when you are enjoying your bike riding, wearing your yoga pants, and most especially, enjoying the night with your someone special. You will no longer worry to any vaginal  discomforts especially those rashes, yeast infections that are so itchy and irritating, Urinary tract infection and many other vaginal issues that will greatly affect your daily life.

Tight jeans and dresses will never again be an excuse for you to look gorgeous every day. This surgery had been very successful from the moment they are discovered. You have the right to be comfortable in any thing that you do. Your body is so much essential that you must take extra care with it. This might have just a simple surgery yet this will surely give a greater impact to your life,positive result that will worthy of your money.

This summer, you will now enjoy all kinds of swim wear without any hesitations. Thanks to science and the surgeons who are exerting so much effort to study and giving solutions to all physical malfunctions and deformation of their patients.  This surgery will have a lasting and almost a lifetime effect. So now, celebrate life as you may defy aging. This won’t take so much. If you feel the symptoms, come and see a doctor for a life changing experience you will never gain from any other treatment. No worries, Labiaplasty is known safe and without side effects.

Plastic Surgery Vaginoplasty – Regain Your Self Confidence

Dr Tavakoli VaginoplastyChildbirth takes a toll on a woman’s body, and the vagina is one of the body parts that gets altered in ways that can negatively impact her life. The vagina and birth canal can get stretched to levels where the whole area smoothens out, and this means less friction. This can take away pleasure during intimacy and can even result in painful intercourse. Some women even end up with problems controlling urine. If you have been suffering with this condition, there is a solution through plastic surgery, and vaginoplasty will help in restoring the tightness of your vagina.


If you make the decision to go with plastic surgery, specifically vaginoplasty, your plastic surgeon will guide you on what you need to do to ensure the procedure is a success. You may be required not to eat or drink for 10 hours before the surgery. You will also have to abstain from sexual activity the day prior before the procedure. Some tests may be conducted, including a pregnancy test, since the procedure is not conducted on pregnant women.

The surgery

If you have lost tightness in your vaginal area and are not pregnant, then you are a good candidate for vaginoplasty. The procedure can be performed using local or general anesthesia, and it usually takes about an hour. The surgeon shortens the muscle located at the back of the vagina, and any excess lining on the vagina is removed. This procedure results in the tightening of the vaginal muscles to the way they were before pregnancy. If you have never been pregnant, the procedure helps to reduce the vaginal diameter if it is larger than normal.


You may have to be in the hospital overnight for monitoring after the surgery. You may experience some swelling and bleeding, and walking may also be difficult the first few days. Any scarring happens inside the vagina and is therefore not visible. You may be required to wash the wound three times a day with water in the first week to enhance the healing process.

Dr Tavakoli Labiaplasty

You will be able to resume normal sexual activity within four to six weeks, but this varies depending on the patient. The surgeon will give you appointments to check for prolonged swelling or infection. If you get any sudden bleeding, make sure to contact your surgeon immediately; it’s possible the stitches were pulled accidentally.


As with every surgery, some risks are associated with this procedure. You may experience numbness in the vagina, but this usually fades with time. You may also experience discomfort during intercourse after the surgery, as well as reduced sexual pleasure in the short term.


Before you make the very important decision to have this type of plastic surgery, it is a good idea to talk to a certified plastic surgeon. Dr Tavakoli is a very experienced plastic surgeon who has successfully conducted numerous vaginoplasty procedures. Once you make an appointment, some of the information he will need includes your medical history and why you need the procedure done. He will also be able to examine you and answer any questions you may have.